Andrew Holmes University of Hull
FlyingStartonline - Useful site Flying Start online - advice for graduate entrrepreneurs

Venture Navigatator venture navigatorr useful site

If you have an older version of MS word and cannot open word documents with a .docx extension then you need to visit and install microsoft office compatability pack

Business Link Start quest crash course in business start up here
Wordle for making word cloud diagrams

Anatomy of an entrepreneur !

T Shirt outline for "What's your T shirt?" exercise - designed by Neil Holmes

If you would like to print out the powerpoint session handouts on fwere sheetsof paper than 1 per page then you could deonload and use fineprint printer software for free

FLOW - concept of Flow
Useful websites for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Mind Maps - how to use produce mind maps here
Business Plans - sample business plans and software here
Business Balls website - lots of useful information

Mind Tools website - useful information on creativity and problem solving

The Brain Visual information management softwwarefree

Modelling and Decision making support Tools - useful for creative thinking and decision making

Creativity 40 inventive principles with examples

Creativity - useful site

Dragon's DEN hereBBC Dragon's Den

SMARTA - support for business entrepreneurs SMARTA