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This is the Enterprise Skills course homepage for the 6 session Enterprise Skills courses run by Andrew G Holmes

By 01482 465429We can all be more enterprising people in work and life. This course has been developed to help you become a more enterprising person through improving your personal skills and knowledge. This website holds a number of resources for the course, I will be regularly adding new information to it.

Participating in this course will help you become more enterprising person for work and life. Unlike many other enterprise courses it is not about how to start a business and write a business plan but has been designed to facilitate enterprise skills so as to make you a more enterprising, entrepreneurial, and intrapreneurial person. As with all courses the more you put into it the more you’ll get out of it; this is particularly true for enterprise skills. Nobody is going to give you the skills to become a more enterprising person; my role is to facilitate your learning and development of your skills and knowledge through your active participation in the taught sessions and learning by doing. This website is a resource to support the taught sessions – the information on it may not make full sense to anyone who is not actually attending the taught sessions. The learning experience has not been designed to be an on line one - these are supporting resources, but if you are interested in an online Enterprise course which focuses more on business start up then we do have one.

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