Andrew G Holmes University of Hull

powerpoint session4

pdf of session 4

Self study

Wordle for making word cloud diagrams

Link to a sample word cloud for this course

Glogster - make your own posters!

Rotter's Locus of Control online questionaire - short version

Rotter's Locus of Control online questionnare - longer and better questionnaire for you to have a go at doing NOTE MAY NOT WORK WITH SOME WEB BROWSERS!

Locus of Control Test online 47 question version here
Rotter's Test paper based version here
Rotter's Locus of Control Test pdf version to print out and take the test

Locus of Control - useful resources

GET general enterprising tendency test (please know that the word 'test' is a bit of a misnomer, it's a tool which you can use assess your current enterprising tendencies and then build on them, rather than a test which gives an answer which is fixed in stone)

GET test online version from Flying Start here - you need to register with Flyingstart before you can take the test.

Seligman learned optimism test and a better version here Seligman's research indicates that we can learn to be more optimistic

Brief explanation of Seligman's Explanatory Style and learned optimism

Rosenberg Self Esteem test

Bandura self efficacy here here and here

McClleland Achievement orientation/motivation notes